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Tangsir Daryanvard Company has created a new perspective in the field of international trade and commerce for economic actors with the aim of facilitating the access of goods, how to transport them, creating guarantees and peace of mind to suppliers and recipients of goods in the field of export and import. In the way of cooperation and convergence of the team of this company, a special interesting process is observed: the team of suppliers, sellers, finance, logistics, support and logistics all the necessary conditions for a strong business and identification of goods and Establish a secure and secure relationship for related parties. The services of this business group underestimate geographical boundaries and facilitate access to financial communications and the support of insurance companies and the cooperation of reliable shipping companies. In the shadow of reputable international certifications and reputable inspection companies with internationally recognized agencies, provides applicants, traders, traders, bankers and manufacturers, exporters and importers of goods. Updated business and familiarity with the new method of the customer or The transportation of goods will create the power and confidence beyond the imagination of the applicants. From anywhere in our beloved homeland of Iran to anywhere in the world, we will establish safe trade routes and ease common business concerns. Dear traders, manufacturers, importers and exporters who are the powerful weights of our country’s economy, can in the moment of production process, packaging, obtaining certificates, inspections, insurance obligations, transportation, crossing the border, receipt of goods And track financial transfers online and monitor intangible accompaniment and how your merchandise is traded. This group is proud to help businessmen (exporters and importers) as great economic ambassadors to expand the scope of our country’s economic influence and turn them into an international brand. Commercial and Marine Services Group of Tangsir Daryanvard Company

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Ashoori Manager

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SarmadiConsultant and specialist in business and supply chain

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Ismaeil poorCustoms expert

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TavangarLegal expert

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برای تامین مواد اولیه خود در نیمه اول سال به دلیل کرونا covid 19  دچار مشکل شدم با با همکاری شرکت تنگسیر دریانورد موفق به تهیه مواد اولیه شدم.

برزگرواحد تولیدی

در دوران قرنطینه و بیماری کرونا covid 19 شرکت برای بازاریابی و تحویل به موقع کالا به مشتری خدمات بسیار خوبی به من ارائه دادند.

فرهمندتولید کننده

I used the services of Tangsir Daryanvard Company for customs affairs. They did their job accurately and on time


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